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Team Local was launched in February 1999, primarily focused on the building industry and is an initiative unique to Tauranga.

Since that time Team Local has developed and grown into a marketing umbrella / brand for locally operated businesses.

Our mission statement is:

This is achieved by builders, businesses, and the general public using Team Providers. They are therefore successful and grow, thereby employing more people who then require more homes and services.

For the Team Providers, it is also a vehicle by which they can network, promoting and supporting each other’s businesses.

Team Locals constitution only allows one provider of a particular product and or service, thereby giving them exclusivity to market themselves under the Team Local brand. This also provides a definitive resource of local businesses to Team Local members and the local community.

Team Local holds a number of functions throughout the year for the various groups associated.

The present Directors of Team Local are:


Rod Taylor

Rod Taylor

Educated at Tauranga Boys College and gaining a Bachelor of Management Studies from Waikato University, Rod joined the family business upon completing his degree.

Through his involvement in setting up Taylor Roofing Auckland, a roofing contracting business, Rod gained a wide experience in business and the construction industry.

Returning to Tauranga in 1990, Rod began his long involvement with the aluminium window industry, when he and Glynn Judson began management of Taylor’s Windows. It was this fledgling business Rod and Glynn later purchased and renamed NZWindows.

Rod has been involved with WANZ (Window Association of New Zealand), firstly on the training committee formulating the NZ Qualification - Certificate in Architectural Aluminium Joinery and then as a Fabricator member of the WANZ Executive Committee.


Greg Cawley

Greg Cawley

Greg was educated in Hamilton and after gaining his A.C.A. qualification he worked in chartered accountancy and commerce for 10 years in both New Zealand and overseas.

Greg and his wife Andrea moved to Tauranga in 1991 to purchase and run Bay of Plenty Garage Doors.

After 8 years that business was sold and they purchased ShowerMan, which is the exclusive supplier of shower products for Team Local

Greg is the director of his own group of companies - The GAC Group.

He was on the original steering group that took Team Local from concept to reality and has been a director of Team Local since its inception.


David Hodgson

David Hodgson

David comes from a 25 year banking background. The last 15 years of which were in Management and Lending roles.

David has been contracted as Administrator right from the launch and continues to steer and develop Team Local as a brand.

He remains enthusiastic as to the future and further potentials of Team Local in the local economy.