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Nov 8, 2010

Three Tauranga Business of the Year Awards

Supacrete has always strived to improve and are continually moving their goal posts, a fact acknowledged at the Westpac Business Awards November 2010, where Supacrete scooped the ACC Workplace and Safety; Innovation and Entrepreneurship; and Manufacturing and Distribution Awards.

The stacked trophy wall is just an outward sign of the inner values held by the companies management. Owner Don Mahoney didn't let the companies success interupt the business values and behaviours and was out on a truck himself the meet customers expectations over the days following the award night.

Don and his wife Keryn both work full time in their business, so the hands on approach is not unusual. General Manager Jeff Burgess provides operational planning and development expertise.

Supacrete - Three Tauranga Business of the Year Awards

Winner of Business Innovation Entrepreneurship

Winner of Manufacturing Distribution

Winner of Workplace Safety